I'm a piece of crap.

Seriously, if you are even thinking of buying this camera: Crayola 2.1 Megapixel Digital Camera take five seconds to read the “glowing” reviews on Yeah, 1.5 stars out of 5. I think I’ll pass… except I didn’t. I fell pray to the old Costco Christmas super duper deal and in 2009, purchased it for my son. Within two months the thing stopped working. I finally got around to contacting the manufacturer, there is no mention of the manufacturer anywhere on the item and it took me some time to track them down. However, they’re being ridiculous so I replied with a nasty email which I’ll share with you here.

Sent via their online contact form:

Customer Name: D1rtypaws
Customer Status: I am a consumer who already purchased a product.

I purchased this camera:Crayola Kidz Digital Camera (Green): 23070 for my son from Costco in December of 2009 for Christmas. Two months later, despite many battery changes, the camera will not turn on and all of his pictures have been lost. So I started to do some research and have found that this is a recurring problem with this particular camera. Please refund my money, do not send me another version of this camera as from what I can tell, all the cameras from this model are the same, a piece of junk.

Product Code:
E126A00856310 / MID0050709

Their ridiculous email to me:

Dear Catherine,

We are sorry to know that the Camera 23070 is damaged.

We would like to inform that we will honor our warranty. However, we cannot issue refunds under any circumstances.

Please get back to us with the following details and we will guide you with the replacement procedure for the Camera:

1.         Proof of Purchase

2.         Problem description.

We would like to inform that we will be unable to provide you with the replacement if you do not provide with the Proof of Purchase.  The Proof of Purchase should be the date and day when you purchased the Camera, the bill number in which you have been billed for the Camera and the address where you purchased the Camera. We request you to get back to us with the required details for the replacement. Also, the return address is as follows:

Sakar International, Inc.

195 Carter Dr

Edison, NJ 08817.

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Thank you for using Sakar International, the leader in technology.



The Sakar International Team


“When writing back to us please include the text of all previous correspondence. This will help us serve you better.”

My reply:

Funny that you say “the Camera 23070 is damaged” when I have done research online that shows that the camera has the exact same issues that are a problem with your manufacturing – not from damage.

It’s also great that there is a serious problem with this camera not working but you refuse to issue refunds “under any circumstances” because resending out the same crappy camera will certainly make this “damage” go away.

I bought the camera at Costco, as I already stated. Exactly what are you looking for when you say the “bill number?” I have no idea what that is. As far as date, well this would have been in DECEMBER 2009 as I said before. I have no idea what the date was, it was over seven months ago. Are you suggesting that I need a receipt from the store to return an item to the manufacturer? I have given you the approximate date, the place where it was purchased and the problem description already in the previous email. Not to mention that the camera is a piece of shit, as stated by the numerous horrible reviews online so no thanks, I don’t need another shitty camera that doesn’t work, especially since you want proof of purchase of your own products as opposed to what most companies do and that is request the UPC or return of the item since you are the manufacturer.

Peace out.


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